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Health Insurance Consumer SatisfactionA Gallup poll has shown that the majority of people in the United States are happy with their coverage.

According to a survey that was performed by Gallup, 67 percent of adults in the United States reported that they felt that their health insurance coverage was either good or excellent.

This may be a positive statistic, but it is actually a drop when compared to last year’s data.

Last year, the same survey determined that 72 percent of adult Americans felt that their health insurance coverage was either good or excellent. Despite this decrease, the Health and Healthcare poll by Gallup still found that 40 percent still felt that they had good coverage and an additional 27 percent felt that their plan was excellent.

The study showed that Americans feel better about their own health insurance than overall healthcare.

The results stated that among adults in the United States, there is typically a more positive feeling about the health insurance coverage that they have through their employers or that they have purchased for themselves than there is for overall American healthcare coverage.

The poll was conducted from November 15 through the 18th and it determined that 41 percent of the respondents felt that American healthcare coverage as a whole was either excellent or good. A combined 58 percent of the participants stated that they felt that the coverage provided by healthcare in the country was either fair or poor.

Among those who participated in this research, it was the adults in the higher income brackets who had a greater likelihood of having a positive feeling about their health insurance and healthcare in the country. They were the individuals who most commonly rated healthcare and their coverage as being good or excellent. Those in lower income brackets were less likely to give those ratings.

Equally, though, the Gallup poll – which was performed over the phone and acknowledges a margin of error of 3 percent – showed that the majority of Americans in the lowest income levels still gave high ratings for both health insurance and healthcare. The recipients of Medicaid and Medicare had essentially the same opinion on the quality of their coverage.

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