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Vanderbilt University meetings in Tennessee give people the chance to contribute.

Health insurance regulations due to the reforms to the medical care system have been receiving a tremendous amount of attention, but some vital provisions have failed to make it to the spotlight until now, and are finally starting to receive their due attention.

The “essential health benefits” provision will be the topic of open meetings in Tennessee.

Though the Affordable Care Act’s “guaranteed coverage” and “individual mandate” are being continually discussed, it is the provision designed to protect people from receiving inadequate insurance that Tennessee citizens are now developing. The hearing at Vanderbilt University was designed to define the essential health insurance benefits for the state.

This will allow the public to have a say in the way that the health insurance rules are created.

These regulations will apply to group plans from small employers as well as individual health insurance policies, including all of those that will be offered as of January 1, 2014, in the state’s exchange.

According to Consumer Reports representative, John Santa, by a Commonwealth Fund and Alliance for Health Reform sponsored forum on the subject of essential health insurance benefits, “Balancing affordability and adequacy is what this is all about.”

There have been ten basic points of coverage outlined by the federal government has, which range from hospitalization to child dental care. These are the elements which must all be covered by health insurance plans. However, the states have been individually tasked with grouping the various types of policies according to a system that will simplify the process for individuals and small businesses to make the appropriate selection.

The Commonwealth Fund’s Sara R. Collins said that “The provision is aimed not only at making sure that everybody has a comprehensive plan, but also making choices much simpler now for consumers who are buying on the individual market and also for small employers who often have a lot of difficulty figuring out what is exactly in their benefits.”

The health insurance hearings will also look into emergency visits, outpatient services, maternity and newborn care, management of chronic diseases and other lab tests and wellness services, and mental health. Similar hearings are scheduled in other states across the country.

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