Health insurance open enrollment has begun

Health insurance Enrollment Form

Across the country, Americans can now purchase their own plans, many of whom now have more choices.

Across the country, Americans who purchase their own health insurance can now do so for 2022 on the federal or state exchanges as the enrollment window has opened.

The open enrollment period will continue until next year into January 2022.

In California, residents can purchase their health insurance through Covered California, the country’s largest state-run plan marketplace. The plans sold through the exchanges are for people who don’t already receive coverage through their employer. Depending on income, many Americans are eligible for subsidies to their monthly premiums to help make coverage more affordable. Even families with a household income of over $100,000 per year can qualify for certain discounts.

According to Covered California, if everyone in who enrolled opted for the cheapest available plan, then over 70 percent of consumers in the state would be paying under $10 per month for their health plans.

Health insurance plan purchase

Health insurance for 2022 is being sold by 12 insurers through Covered California.

This open enrollment period has brought 12 insurers to California’s exchange. This ensures that everyone in the state has at least two options from which to choose, as the number of insurers offering coverage in the state depends on where specifically the consumer lives.

This year, there are more than 12.2 million people registered in federal and state marketplaces across the country. In California alone, there are 1.6 million people covered through the exchange.

Xavier Becerra, US Health and Human Services Secretary recently launched the open enrollment period through a news conference that took place in Sacramento, California. According to Becerra, Americans shouldn’t have to worry about how much their healthcare costs but should instead be focused only on getting quality care.

“That’s where we’re heading. That’s where President Biden wants to go,” said Becerra at the open enrollment period launch announcement.

There will continue to be added assistance for consumers purchasing health insurance during the open enrollment period through 2022. The American Rescue Plan subsidies will be continuing, meaning that no American will need to pay over 8.5 percent of their income for their premiums.

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