Health insurance from the U.S. may not cover travelers attending Olympics



American policies are sometimes not effective when heading abroad.

Health insurance is often the last thing on peoples’ minds when they are making their vacation plans.

This is especially true when preparing for the excitement of the Olympics.

The main focus of these individuals is usually to find a great hotel, the right travel reservations, and to be able to attend some of their favorite games. However, officials are warning that health insurance should begin to take some consideration among those preparations.

They warn that U.S. health insurance may not offer international coverage.

This means that while you are overseas and enjoying the Summer Olympics in London, should you be unfortunate enough to run into a medical emergency, then you will not have the same coverage that you’d expect at home. It is vital, therefore, to check with your policy to make sure that you know exactly what you have.

According to a statement from the Centers for Disease Control Travelers’ Health lead health communicator, Kelly Holton, “It’s important to make a plan for your health before you travel.” In order to obtain the health insurance benefits that you need while you are out of the country, it is usually best to look into a travel policy that includes benefits for treatment as well as emergency medical evacuation should a serious injury or illness occur.

Holton went on to say that “In addition, the National Health Service in England has great health resources for Olympic visitors that can help you learn how to find healthcare if you need it while in Britain.” The recommendation was to “Visit Health Services in England to learn more.”

Holton also warned that the typical American number to call in an emergency, 9-1-1, does not work in the United Kingdom. Instead, an ambulance can be reached by dialing 9-9-9. It’s important to recognize that this number should only be dialed in the event of a serious or emergency injury or illness. For other non-emergencies, visit a walk-in clinic or a pharmacy where no appointment Is required.

Though your health insurance may not cover you in those instances, the right travel policy will provide the payments you need.

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