Health insurance forum coming to Florida, aims to advise small business owners on health care

Lakeland, FloridaHealth insurance has been a hot issue for some time, even before the passing of the federal health care reform law. The insurance industry has been rife with controversy for years, much of which is focused around the issue of soaring premiums. While rate increases are not anything new, health insurers have been quick to raise rates on their coverage in recent years. The cause of the rate hikes is most often cited as being a way to mitigate the overwhelming cost of medical care. Whatever the case may be, higher rates are taking a toll on small businesses, who are finding it difficult to hold on to their health care policies.

In an effort to help small business owners, the city of Lakeland, Florida, will be hosting a forum regarding health insurance. The forum aims to inform business owners on the current state of the health insurance industry and what new laws are coming to fruition that may ease the financial burden of high insurance rates. A number of professionals from the industry have been invited to speak at the forum so as to raise awareness of issues affecting rates.

While the forum is being geared toward offering advice, one of the key issues to be highlighted is the contention between insurers and doctors. There is no doubt that the cost of medical care is rising – a fact that most insurers are quick to point out in justification of higher rates. However, it is less clear how the issue is being handled beyond boosting premiums. There may be some insight spared from the insurance representatives attending the forum in this regard. The event will be held on September 16th.
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