Health insurance for small businesses still being considered by Walmart

Walmart health Insurance

Walmart health InsuranceThe retail giant is still deciding whether or not it is interested in entering into that sector of the industry.

Though no commitment has yet been made by Walmart, the massive retailer has indicated that it is still considering the option of offering health insurance to small businesses.

It has already invested a great deal into its pharmacies, but it is taking care with future steps.

Last week, there were discussions about the company’s interest in becoming involved in the small business health insurance sector, which is an area where the customer often struggles to find the necessary coverage at a rate that they can afford. That said, no firm decisions have been made. Rumors have suggested that the retailer may be considering a type of exchange designed specifically for small business customers.

However, the closest the company has come to the decision is to agree that health insurance options were being evaluated.

A spokesperson from the company said that it is simply looking into its options, but she also stated that “Walmart does not currently have plans for a private health insurance exchange.” This seems to be the pattern that is being seen in many areas of the retailer’s dabble with healthcare.

This most recent health insurance speculation began with the Orlando Business Journal. It expanded rapidly from there and included media giants such as Bloomberg Businessweek. At the same time, there had been quotes from a Walmart executive that had been released, suggesting that within five to seven years, the company intended to open primary care clinics. However, the retailer later told the reporter from the Orlando Business Journal that they had not yet established a plan for offering primary care.

The trend toward medical options from large retailers such as Walmart, Costco Wholesale, and Target, is a growing one. With their pharmacy operations and their flu shot clinics, it is clear that these companies are taking larger steps into the healthcare sphere. As a result, it would not be entirely surprising if they should begin to focus on certain segments of the health insurance marketplace, as well. With exchanges being such a hot topic at the moment, due to the Affordable Care Act, it is also not beyond the realm of imagination that one of these companies – or more than one – might set up their own marketplace.

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