Health insurance exchange in Idaho will be state run

Idaho health insurance
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The governor has decided that the online coverage marketplace will be established and operated by the state.

Butch Otter, the Governor of Idaho, has announced that he has opted for a health insurance exchange that will be created and run by the state, under the terms of the healthcare law reforms from President Obama.

At the same time, the governor did say that it will increase the government and cost cutting will be minimaIdaho Health Insurancel.

Idaho was among a number of states under Republican leadership that chose to hold off before making a decision as to how they would be complying with the Affordable Care Act. Many decided to delay making their final choices until after the election on November 6, 2012, when they would have a better idea as to whether or not there would be a future for the healthcare law.

The states are now facing an approaching December 14 deadline for deciding if they would run their health insurance exchanges.

Kathleen Sebelius, the Secretary of Health and Human Services, pushed the deadline back for a month to allow the states a larger amount of time to obtain the information that they required in order to make their decisions. This would allow them to be better informed and prepared when they choose whether or not to create their own health insurance exchanges.

Once Idaho made its health insurance marketplace choice, there were five states that were still left to make their own decisions. According to the website of the Kaiser Family Foundation, the remaining states were Virginia, Indiana, Utah, Pennsylvania, and Indiana.

The decision that Idaho made also included it among 18 other states that have decided to create their own health insurance marketplaces. The majority of the others are led by Democrats, said the Foundation. Another twenty one states – primarily those who are Republican led and who have declared their opposition to the Affordable Care Act – have handed the responsibility for the exchanges over to the federal government.

The remainder have decided to work in conjunction with the federal government for a hybrid effort to create and run the health insurance exchanges.

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