Health insurance controversy emerges in Oregon

Oregon Health Insurance technology

Oregon files lawsuit against Oracle concerning health insurance program

The State of Oregon has filed a new lawsuit against Oracle concerning the state’s troubled health insurance program. According to the state, Oracle is currently planning to stop hosting Oregon’s Medicaid system, which could cause problems for people trying to enroll in the health insurance program. Oracle has been hosting the state’s Medicaid site, which serves as a way for state residents to sign up for the health insurance coverage that they need.

Lawsuit aims to force Oracle to continue hosting state’s Medicaid website

The lawsuit suggests that Oracle had promised to renew it contract to host the Medicaid site. Recently, the company notified state officials that this will no longer be the case, putting an end to its hosting duties by the end of this month. State officials claim that this will bring enrollment in the Medicaid program to its knees, preventing people from signing up for health insurance coverage. Oregon is now pursuing legal action in order to force Oracle to continue hosting the Medicaid site.

Without Oracle, many people may be prevented from enrolling in Medicaid

Oregon Health Insurance technologyOregon’s Medicaid system uses technology developed by Oracle. The program provides coverage for tens of thousands of consumers and processes information from 26,000 people every week. There are no enrollment periods for the program and consumers can sign up for Medicaid whenever they want, as long as they meet the program’s requirements. Without Oracle’s support, enrollment in the program would be nearly impossible, though the program would continue to exist if Oracle is not forced to support it.

Oracle decries the poor planning of the Oregon Health Authority

Oracle is disputing the lawsuit, disagreeing with the characterization that has been levied against it by Oregon. According to the company, no binding promises were made to the state and the original agreement between the two parties does not include a provision for renewal. Oracle is blaming the issue on the state’s lack of a backup plan, suggesting that the Oregon Health Authority, which oversees the state’s Medicaid program, has not done what it needs to ensure consumers can still enroll in the state’s program.

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