Health insurance can now be purchased in a retail store

Connecticut health Insurance

Consumers in Connecticut now have two more places in which to purchase coverage before the deadline.

Connecticut health Insurance With under a week left to purchase health insurance in 2014, in order to comply with the individual mandate of the Affordable Care Act, Connecticut has taken a unique step to help to ensure that its residents have every opportunity to obtain the coverage that they need.

There are two retail stores that are allowing people to simply walk in and enroll.

Shopping for health insurance has never felt so much like shopping for products in a mall. Connecticut has two separate storefronts that will give residents even more ways to be able to enroll for the plan that they need to avoid a tax penalty for a lack of coverage in 2014. These have proven to be quite popular, as there are typically people waiting outside when the doors open in the morning and “business” remains steady throughout the open hours.

As the March 31 deadline for enrolling in health insurance approaches, the lines will likely lengthen.

The health care reform has done better in Connecticut than in many other states, particularly in terms of the performance of its Access Health CT website. The state has managed to enroll a large number of the people who are eligible, and an important part of that success has been its strategies such as opening up the popular retail stores.

Many people are heading to the stores not only to purchase coverage for the first time, but also to feel especially certain that they have the right plan for their needs and are receiving it for the best possible price. Several people have reported that they enjoy the opportunity to be able to enroll in person as opposed to doing so over the phone, on the computer, or using a mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet.

When it came to having questions answered or feeling more certain that the right choice is being made, there was something to be said about the ability to make a purchase of health insurance with the assistance of another person. Although most Americans are very comfortable using computers to comparison shop, there is still a notable segment that finds it less confusing to speak to an actual human being.

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