Health care reforms appears to be creating happy customers

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A new survey has shown that people who are newly covered by medical insurance seem pleased.

health care reform insurance newsAccording to the results of a Commonwealth Fund survey, the expansion of insurance coverage as a result of the health care reform are starting to produce some rather pleased and satisfied customers.

They survey also determined that there are a notably larger number of people with coverage in the country.

The research group’s survey showed that among adults who are younger than the age of 65 years, an estimated 15 percent are currently uninsured. When compared to before January ahead of the rollout of the health care reform from the Affordable Care Act, that figure had been at 20 percent. This represents a considerable drop in the number of Americans who are currently living without a health plan or other form of medical coverage.

Individuals who have purchased coverage through the health care reform are also typically happy with their plans.

It was this finding that was considered to be the most surprising from the survey results. What the research determined was that 73 percent of the individuals who purchased health insurance and 87 percent of the people who enrolled in Medicaid following January consider themselves to be either somewhat satisfied or very satisfied with their new coverage. In fact, among newly insured Republicans, 74 percent stated that they liked their health plans.

Among the people who already had health insurance before the Affordable Care Act required them to purchase it, 77 percent – which includes those whose plans were cancelled last year and who were required to have to find new coverage – were happy with the policies that they now had.

Kaiser Family Foundation senior vice president for special initiatives, Larry Levitt, stated that he hadn’t been certain that such a high level of satisfaction would be expressed so early on after the initial implementation of the law. He expressed that he wasn’t sure if the individual mandate from the health care reform would make people feel as though they had been forced to buy a plan that they don’t want or in which they do not see value, but added “That doesn’t seem to be happening so far.”

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