Health care reform data shows fewer uninsured Americans

Health care Reform Update

According to new statistics that have been released, January has decreased the number of people without health insurance.

New data is starting to be released that is beginning to reflect the impact of the impact of the health care reform, as it has shown that the percentage of Americans who say that they do not have health insurance coverage has experienced a slight decrease, this month.

This change in insurance status was reported by Gallup, which has been steadily tracking the figures.

Health care Reform UpdateThis insurance news is certainly welcome by those who had been optimistic about the impact of the health care reform on the number of people who were uninsured across the United States, and who had yet to see any truly defining data until this point. It is still extremely early after the full rollout of the overhaul, so this should be considered only very preliminary numbers.

Still, signs that the health care reform is beginning to have the desired effect are starting to appear.

Gallup’s figures have indicated that the percentage of Americans who do not have any form of health insurance has dropped by about a full percentage point within the first three quarters of January, this year. It is now estimated to be 16.1 percent of the adult population. This figure translates to be just over 2 million adults Americans.

This is the first hint of an indication as to whether or not the Affordable Care Act is actually managing to achieve one of its primary goals in a successful way; the reduction of the number of uninsured Americans. These figures indicate that there is a positive impact to the overhaul of the law that is starting to become evident. Equally, that impact remains noticeably small, so far, as had been anticipated by the creators of the law.

The data that was released by the Obama administration nearer to the start of the year indicated that as of the beginning of this month, there had already been about 2.2 million people who had used the health care reform resources – primarily the exchanges – to enroll in medical coverage.

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