Health care reform brings better insurance to some in Maryland

health insurance healthcare reform

Consumers in the state are not signing up in record numbers but they are trading up for improved coverage.

According to some of the latest figures from the health care reform in Maryland, the insurance exchange in the state isn’t necessarily making a tremendous dent in the number of uninsured people, but it is giving individuals a way to make sure that they are receiving the best possible coverage.

Many people have upgraded their coverage but are paying less for their plans.

health care reform insuranceThe state doesn’t yet have the data regarding the number of people in Maryland who have improved their insurance plans through the health care reform, but they are identifying this trend, which has been expanding since the beginning of January. People who are already covered are looking for cheaper or more comprehensive plans and are using the changes in the federal law, the Affordable Care Act, in order to achieve it.

The primary goal of the health care reform was to make sure that more uninsured would obtain coverage.

Although the state is unable to produce specific data regarding the number of Marylanders who are using the health insurance exchange to switch plans, starting in January, it does seem to be a common occurrence that isn’t showing signs of stopping. Residents of the state quickly came to the discovery that the online marketplace was designed for everyone in the state and not just the uninsured and that this was an opportunity to save and to improve overall coverage.

This could mean that the state’s figures are not as accurate as was initially believed. The reason is that the people who switched plans using the exchange were not excluded from the latest tally of 22,512 people who have enrolled and purchased a private plan. This means that it doesn’t actually mean that the uninsured figures have improved by that much. These numbers also won’t be removed from the tally as the state attempts to reach a goal of 150,000 enrollments by the end of March.

This does give the health care reform an entirely new angle that may not have been considered by many. While it is a potential opportunity for thousands in the state and millions across the country, it also makes it more challenging to measure the success of the law in terms of covering the uninsured.

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