Governor Corbett signs reform legislation for civil liability in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania Governor Tom CorbettPennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett has signed a bill that would place a limitation on the liability of defendants in some negligence cases in civil court.

The bill was put to a vote in the state House, where it was passed 116 to 83. This was the second similar bill that has been passed within three months. After the vote, it moved to Corbett. This despite the protests of Democrats, who said that the bill is being pursued by business organizations, but that it comes at the cost of the victims who are injured or killed as a result of negligent acts.

This legislation has been at the top of the priority list for Governor Corbett, as well as a number of business groups, such as the Pennsylvania Chamber of Business and Industry, and passed Legislature under GOP control with the support of the Republicans.

The Senate signed the bill in early June. It has been labeled the “Fair Share Act” by its supporters, after having gone through a debate where emotions ran high.

Supporters of this bill have argued that it will help to make certain that business owners and other negligence case defendants won’t be required to pay a portion of the damages that is disproportionate to the way in which their actions contributed to those damages.

Currently, the law states that all defendants that are guilty of negligence have the potential to be held liable for 100 percent of the damages, should co-defendants be unable to pay for negligence which has led to injury or death of a person or property.

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