Government to improve its health insurance gateway

Health Insurance exchange marketplaces will be receiving promising upgrades

The U.S. government is looking to improve its health insurance gateway,, ahead of the beginning of the next open enrollment period in November. The upgrades are expected to improve the services that the site provides to consumers, making it easier to enroll in health insurance plans. In the past, has failed to successfully enroll consumers, making it difficult for them to find the coverage that they need. The government has brought many improvements to the site over the years, but the latest round of upgrades are expected to solve the site’s lingering issues.

Upgrades will make it easier for consumers to find the policies that they want

The upgrades are being referred to as “customer friendly” and are currently being tested. The Obama Administration expects that some 10 million people will seek health insurance coverage through when the next open enrollment period begins. As such, solving the site’s problems as quickly as possible has become a major priority. Ensuring consumers actually use the site to acquire insurance coverage will still be a challenge, however, as many are still concerned that the insurance policies they find will be too expensive.

New e-commerce tools will be coming to the health insurance site

Health Insurance exchange marketplacesOne of the upgrades will improve the site’s window shopping feature, which has been quite popular among consumers in the past. The upgrade will allow consumers to find policies that are subsidized by the federal government. Per the Affordable Care Act, the government offers subsidies that are able to offset the cost of insurance coverage, thereby making it more accessible to a wider range of consumers. The upgrades will also introduce new e-commerce tools designed to make it easier for consumers to purchase policies that they are interested in.

Challenges still exist in encouraging insurance enrollment among consumers

Encouraging consumers to purchase health insurance coverage will remain challenging. Health insurance policies, even those sold through state and federal exchanges, are becoming more expensive. More people are using their policies to receive medical care, which is leading to greater losses associated to claims for insurers. In order to recover from these losses, insurers have been raiding premiums.

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