What Good Accident Attorneys Do Not Do

Insurance claims and attorneys

When you are in a major accident…

the last thing that you may want to have to go through is a vetting process. Having to choose an attorney can be a worse pain than that of the accident. If you need competent accident lawyers, here is a list of what you avoid.

Learn what good lawyers do not do so that you can lay off those you run into with these traits.

1. Exaggerate your claim

It is no secret that your attorney will want to win the case. Every attorney aspires to win each case and collect a generous fee for their client and for themselves. What good lawyers will not have you do is exaggerate or lie about a claim.

Anyone who asks you to lie about a claim should be avoided. Perjury can equal jail time, and insurance companies are not dumb. They will investigate a claim and find that it is false quicker than you can cash a check.

2.  Exaggerates- to you

Honesty between yourself and your lawyer is necessary. If your lawyer is exaggerating the amount of money or benefits that you can receive for your claim, take the firm out of your consideration.

To get some idea of how much compensation you are looking for in your case, do a little light research of similar cases online.

3.  Talk more than they listenInsurance claims and accident attorneys

Your lawyer should always go through the nuances of your case with you, as this is expected. Everyone who is new to claims and the legal system will need someone to walk them through. However, your claim happens to be about you.

You should get the chance to explain what happened, in great detail, to your attorney. Any attorney who is not interested in hearing the facts of the case cannot possibly work the case to their best ability. Dump them.

4.  Don’t bother with evidence

Hearing about the accident is necessary. Re-staging the accident is nearly always a good idea. Having photographs of the space where the accident occurred, and having some pictures of the damage is necessary.

5.  Not getting you checked out

The first part of any claim is proving the claim that you have brought before the courts. Being physically hurt due to an accident is a serious issue.

You should get a report from the hospital that you were served at immediately following the accident. If possible, you should receive subsequent checkups to see if any other damage has developed, or if any noted damage has been aggravated.

Even without prompting from an attorney, get checked out.

6.   Not well versed on insurance companies

Insurance companies can be like sharks. They are trained in getting the most money possible, while paying out rock bottom for claims. When you have an issue that relates to an accident, be aware that the company will short change you as much as possible.

In order to defeat the insurer, your lawyer must be well versed in insurance companies. Insurance lingo, insurance settlements, and taking insurance companies to court are all necessary for a good attorney.

7.   Charging for a consultation

Consultations should always be free. If you find someone who is charging for a consultation, this is the first sign that you are not with a professional firm.

Treat consultations as a feeling out process. You and the attorney must feel comfortable together to work as a team.

8.   Have no information on cases

Every lawyer should be able to give you some idea on their statistics. Do not feel afraid to ask an attorney about the past cases that they took on.

The win rate may not matter as much as the customer satisfaction for cases. Check to make sure that the lawyer or the law firm has positive reviews from past customers.

9.   Has no proof of your claims

The proof is how you make or break a case. You and your lawyer will need to have proof of the amount that you are asking for. This includes medical bills, lost income, and reasonable detail of pain and suffering.

Without an itemized accounting of what you are asking for, your case is sure to hit some snags.

10.    Bites off more than they can chew

A lawyer or law firm having several cases at a time is expected. Taking on so many different cases that they cannot remember your name and case isn’t a situation you should be put in.

If you feel rushed or don’t feel like personal attention is being put towards your case, a new law firm can remedy this problem.

An injury attorney is there to make your load a little lighter. If you feel saddled by your attorney and any of your interactions, remember that you hold the reins of your case. Select a lawyer until you get it right.

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