Free wedding insurance accepted by gay police who got engaged at Pride

London Pride Police Proposal wedding insurance
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London the couple received the offer from a new LGBT insurer responding to the viral proposal video.

A video from the London Pride parade went viral after two policemen got engaged there. PC Sam Philpot went down on one knee and proposed to his partner, PC Martin Coughlan. The newly engaged couple was recently offered wedding insurance from a new firm.

The moment was captured on video and rapidly made its way around the world as people shared over social media.

London Pride Police Proposal wedding insuranceTwenty three year old PC Philpot had only recently come out. He made the decision only a few days before the event. “It was only this week after my last night shift that I decided it was going to happen and I went to buy the ring,” he said. He also added that “If you’re going to do it, you have to do it properly.” Still, he was ecstatic about the reaction of the crowd and how well it went when he popped the question.

Since then, the couple has experienced tremendous positivity. Among the generous offers they have received was one for wedding insurance. That special form of coverage was offered by Emerald Life, a new LGBT specialist insurance provider. The company first launched in March 2016 and has offered the marriage policy for free.

The wedding insurance company explained that it was the least they could do for these men who keep the city safe.

According to Emerald Life Chairman Steve Wardlaw, both police officers serve in London. “They keep us safe.” Beyond that, Wardlaw pointed out that the couple took the opportunity to share their moment of happiness with the parade attendees, the city and the world. “I couldn’t not reach out to them and offer this simple gesture.”

PC Coughlan, 28, said he was taken completely by surprise. That said, he was among the only officers there who didn’t know. The secret was carefully guarded despite the fact that the entire Police contingent marching at the parade had been advised it would happen. Even PC Coughlan’s mother and best friend were present for the moment.

With the wedding insurance coverage, the couple’s big day will be protected against damage to outfits or gifts, supplier failure and other potentially expensive disasters. Even unexpected redundancies are covered by this policy. The offer for the coverage has been accepted.

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