Florida insurance company of last resort publishes internal complaint list

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florida insurance citizens scandalThe release occurred in an effort toward transparency and to clear its name of its many misconduct scandals.

Citizens has been making considerable Florida insurance news headlines over the last while, as word of corporate misconduct and improper spending scandals continue to make their way to the media, so the company has now changed tacks and has released a massive list of 474 different internal complaints.

Its goal was to show that it has been properly handling any misconduct allegations that it has received.

Unfortunately, this list has also revealed that the Florida insurance company has been receiving regular complaints of internal misconduct over recent years. Moreover, it has embarrassingly shone a spotlight on much of the unpleasant recent history that the insurer has experienced.

The Florida insurance firm’s list contains a very wide range of different types of allegations.

It includes issues such as corporate corruption, office sex affairs, fraud, pornography in the workplace, theft, discrimination, and a broad spread of other types of allegation. At least one of the cases included the use of a corporate credit card by a Citizens employee at a strip club.

The names of the Florida insurance employees who were involved in the cases were not released as a part of the list. However, it did indicate that in the instances in which potential criminal activity took place, law enforcement authorities had been alerted.

The president of the company, Barry Gilway – who has not been absent of his own Florida insurance news scandal headlines over the last while – explained within a statement that “This review is an important piece of Citizens’ ongoing efforts to strengthen internal policies to ensure that our employees are held to the highest standards of corporate integrity.”

According to the company, “all complaints were addressed and corrective action taken in accordance with Citizens’ policies in place at the time.”

The Florida insurance company released this list of internal complaints as the most recent step in its efforts to repair its name and its integrity following a stream of media headlines that drew attention to the large raises received by executives at a time when the company has been raising rates at their maximum allowable level, and lavish corporate spending, among others.

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