Flood insurance tips for Texas homeowners

Flood Insurance and reinsurance


Benefiting from the coverage starts with purchasing it in the first place.

The season for flooding has arrived, and homeowners in Texas are looking into flood insurance as they balance the dry summer of 2011 with the downpours of this year.

Insurers are stressing the importance of preparedness and the right types of coverage.

Homeowners in the state are being advised to take the time to understand the risks associated with flooding, and to discover tips that can help them to prepare if their homes should ever be threatened by this type of natural disaster. This can include everything from having an evacuation plan to purchasing flood insurance.

Buying adequate flood insurance coverage can protect a family against financial ruin.

Images on television often fail to demonstrate to homeowners the destructive impact that floodwaters can have, regardless of whether they come from a thunderstorm’s torrential rain or a fully named hurricane. Equally, though, many people in parts of Texas are at a risk of having their homes destroyed by flooding that can be caused by a single storm. They need to decide whether or not they have enough flood insurance to pay for the repairs or rebuilding of their homes.

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This does, after all, mean that many people in Texas are only a single storm away from financial devastation if they have not secured the flood insurance they need to pay for this type of cost. Moreover, these same people are often those who are most likely to be unprepared to protect their homes and their families against the possible damage of floodwaters.

Some of the points about flooding of which homeowners should be aware include the following:

• It takes only six inches of fast moving floodwaters to knock an adult of his or her feet,
• Six inches of floodwaters are enough to reach the underside of most cars, causing them to stall and/or lose control,
• Two feet of water can cause a bus or other large vehicle to lift or float,
• One in three flooded bridges and roads undergo such damage that a vehicle has only a 50 percent chance of crossing them successfully,

During a flooding event, the safety of you and your family should be your first concern. Let flood insurance give you peace of mind about your home while you keep yourself and your loved ones safe.

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