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Senator Mary Landrieu flood insurance
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As the Louisiana Senate race heats up, the premiums being paid by homeowners have become a hot topic.

It’s no mystery that flood insurance premiums have been a serious challenge for homeowners in Louisiana, and now the subject has found its place, front and center, in the state’s Senate race.

The subject was brought up right at the very start by Senator Mary Landrieu (D), who has continued this push.

Senator Mary Landrieu flood insuranceSenator Landrieu has taken her place at the head of the charge in the effort to hold back the considerable flood insurance rate increases that are on their way for many homeowners in the state if the federal program and law are allowed to continue as planned. The senator has been exceptionally vocal, speaking in favor of delays to the premiums hikes at one press conference after the next. At the same time, Rep. Bill Cassidy (R), who is the primary person from his party who is gunning for Landrieu’s seat, has remained relatively quiet about the subject, choosing to listen, instead.

This silence was broken as Cassidy has suddenly decided to speak about flood insurance rates.

In a recent political move, Cassidy spoke out at a press conference, giving his applause to the recent House version of the measure, in which he took part in the creation. As the bill could be enacted at any moment, the Senate is expected to vote on the House version this week. Now, Landrieu and Cassidy are vying for credit in the success of this effort, as one of the most competitive Senate races in the United States plays itself out in Louisiana.

According to the University of Louisiana at Lafayette political science department head, Pearson Cross, the efforts that these two candidates have made in this flood insurance measure could be seen as favorable for them both, not just one or the other. He explained that “This is just one of those issues where it’s a Louisiana issue. To veer away from what is in the interest of Louisiana households would just be suicide. And neither one of these experienced politicians is making that mistake.”

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