Flood insurance is a recommended coverage for residents of Maine

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Maine flood insurance Homeowners living in the state are urged to purchase protection when they are located near a body of water.

Officials in the state of Maine are now urging homeowners and business owners to think about purchasing flood insurance coverage when the structure is located near a body of water and could therefore be at risk very soon.

The flooding season in the state is rapidly approaching, as the snow begins to melt and rains begin.

The Maine Floodplain Management Program is reminding homeowners and business owners that the typical policies that they purchase for their coverage do not include flood insurance to cover the damage that could occur from rising waters. Those people would need to buy a separate policy through an insurance agent and are being advised to do so rather quickly.

The officials are urging consumers to purchase their flood insurance very soon.

They are being reminded that it is not only the timing of the rising floodwaters that must be kept in mind, but also the fact that a flood insurance policy frequently comes with a 30 day waiting period before the coverage will become effective. This means that residents of Maine will need to have purchased their protection at least 30 days before floodwaters could arrive, or they may not be covered for the damage that is left behind.

The months in which Maine has historically experienced the largest amount of flooding are March and April, which means that the need for some people to act immediately to purchase flood insurance could be reaching critical levels. That said, it is also important to know that heavy rains in the state can lead to unexpected rising floodwaters at any time of the year, so it is still wise for many people to purchase the protection with the entire year in mind, not just the largest season.

Current estimates show that up to 3 out of every 4 homes (75 percent) and businesses that are located within the floodplains of the state have not yet been covered by flood insurance. With the increasing instance of flooding due to climate change, officials are hoping that this trend will change.

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