FEMA warns of flooding and last minute insurance may be too late

Wind Insurance or Flood InsuranceHurricane season has arrived and there have already been reports of a hurricane raging in the Pacific. Early Friday, the National Hurricane Center announced that tropical storm Adrian had graduated to a full-fledged hurricane and was heading toward land. It is expected to reach the coasts of Mexico within the next day. On the other side of the country, in the Gulf Coast, concerns are rising as to what disasters this season could bring.

Along the Mississippi River, the danger of flooding due to storms is all too real. Storms that wracked much of the South Eastern U.S. caused the river to overspill its banks, inundating the surrounding areas with water. In Missouri, the threat of hurricanes extending inland, which is a very real possibility according to risk modeling agencies, have driven residents to seek appropriate coverage. Unfortunately, purchasing last-minute coverage has little to offer in the way of protection.

Insurance and FEMA officials have been warning residents of flood-prone areas to purchase flood insurance before the hurricane season starts. Now that storms are forming in both the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans, their warnings are being heeded but it may be too late. Flood insurance does not kick in until 30 days after it has been purchased.

While this has implications for the hurricane season, there are threats much closer to home afoot. FEMA announced earlier this week that they had released water from a number of dams in an effort balance flooding in the Mississippi River. In the statement, officials said that there could be a “flood in progress.” This has caused those with property around the river to scramble for flood protection, but it will do them little good.

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