Marsh releases new cloud-based insurance technology solution

Insurance Technology

Innovative new CloudProtect product fills in cyber risk policy gap. Marsh has announced that it is launching a first of its kind form of innovative insurance technology that is designed to help companies to mitigate the risks associated with using cloud computing. This CloudProtect policy can help to protect against failures from cloud service providers from leading to losses. As the tech industry plunges forward and demands greater efficiency, cloud computing has skyrocketed in popularity for IT service delivery, data storage, as well as software applications. However, companies using the…

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Insurance technology initiatives used by today’s industry

Insurance industry standards and technology

These firms are acknowledging the importance of keeping up with current innovations for both operations and customer service. Today’s companies have not failed to notice that in order to remain competitive, they need to implement new and innovative forms of insurance technology that can help them to keep costs low, improve their accuracy, and appeal to consumers. Among the efforts along that line are the following: • Freeman Insurance Agencies are now using CSR24 by Applied Systems in order to offer their policyholders with online access to their coverage information…

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State Farm and Ford work together to offer auto insurance discounts through usage based policies

Usage based auto insurance

The SYNC in-car connectivity system could save drivers up to 40 percent per year. Drivers with vehicles equipped with Ford SYNC may be able to save up to 40 percent through the State Farm Drive Save & Save auto insurance discounts program, depending on how far they drive every year. The savings is based on the vehicle’s odometer reading every year. The reading is reported onto the Vehicle Health Report when it is used by the driver. This is one of the SYNC standard features that is available on Fort…

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GEICO unveils its latest insurance technology

Geico Insurance

New mobile commerce features for its app. GEICO has just released the latest batch of brand new insurance technology features for its mobile commerce app, which were developed and implemented based on feedback provided by customers. The new features make the application easier and more convenient for consumers and policyholders to use. They are meant to make it easier for consumers to shop for a policy and current customers can better understand their coverage. Moreover, both current and prospective customers will have access to useful coverage tips and information. According…

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Usage based insurance grows in popularity with car insurers

usage based insurance auto

Telematics are increasingly used to help drivers to slash their premiums. Telematics – a form of device that is installed into a vehicle to monitor the way it is drive – are already being used by a few insurers as a part of usage based insurance efforts to help to keep rates down, and are expected to become much more popular, quite quickly. Studies and consumers are reporting that rates can fall by 20 percent or more with this technology. Moreover – and perhaps just as positive as the reduced…

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Simplee mhealth app can help better understand health insurance

health insurance privacy fitness devices

The mobile application helps users to access policy information, pay bills, and simplify the claim process. If there is anything that can be said universally about health insurance, it is that policyholders can find it challenging and confusing to understand, manage, and use their policies, but with a new mhealth tool, this will hopefully become easier. Simplee has designed an app to help policyholders with a single user friendly dashboard. Once this app has been downloaded, smartphone owners can use their mobile devices to pay their insurance bills, read the…

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Accenture announces unveiling of new cloud based life insurance technology

Insurance Technology

Launches include an underwriting software application and an actuarial calculation engine. Accenture has just announced the release of a new cloud-based edition of its life coverage new business and underwriting software, which has already won awards in its traditional insurance technology format. An element of the Life Insurance Platform, the software suite for Accenture’s life and annuity coverage, is now available with a Software as a Service (SaaS) licensing option. This new form of the software component was created to assist life and annuity insurers to encourage growth and boost…

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OnBase mobile commerce insurance technology empowers field personnel

mobile commerce insurance industry

Staff in the field can now use Hyland Software’s technology for smartphones and tablets for improved service. Insurers now have a new insurance technology that allows them to use the enterprise content management (ECM) software suite from Hyland Software, OnBase, through their mobile devices. This allows staff members in the field to gain immediate access to information offline or online, and allows them to manage business processes, regardless of when it is or where they are, so that the problem of decision-making bottlenecks while out of the office. According to…

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DocuSign is the new e-signature standard for insurers

insurance technology

Carriers have agreed to standardize with an electronic signature solution to reduce processing and costs. Global electronic signature solution provider, DocuSign, has announced that the top life and property and casualty insurers in the United States have agreed to use the company’s insurance technology products to standardize the system of insurance policy processing, enhance the client experience for superior satisfaction, boost the speed to achieving revenue, and reducing overall costs. According to the DocuSign chairman and CEO, Keith Krach, “With our long history of helping insurance providers, carriers, and agents…

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Innovation Group launches new form of tech to engage audience of insurers

Insurance News

The next generation of innovation is now available from the solutions providing company’s North America operation. The latest announcement from Insurance Initiative, a worldwide software solutions and business process outsourcing (BPO) provider that specializes in that industry, is that it has launched a brand new insurance technology initiative. This effort is called the Future of Insurance, and it is was created by the organization’s North America operation. It is meant to solidify how important it is for insurers to adopt new and innovative methods to optimize their companies by working…

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