Farmers insurance drone program takes off

Farmers insurance drone
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The insurer has become the latest among the large companies to use unmanned aerial aircraft systems (UAS).

The Farmers Insurance drone program had its official launch yesterday as the insurer rolled out a fleet of the devices. These unmanned aerial aircraft systems (UAS) will be used to improve the customer claims experience.

Insurance companies are increasingly using drones to view damage to roofs and other difficult to reach places.

The Farmers Insurance drone units will be deployed by adjusters who need to assess the damage left behind by severe weather. Using this insurance technology allows adjusters to skip the step that would otherwise require them to use a ladder to check a roof. It can also help them to view areas that would otherwise be difficult or dangerous for them to reach due to fallen debris.

Field tests allowed the insurance company to create a consumer-focused, effective strategy for leveraging the drone technology within the existing claims processing strategy. As a result the company has rolled out the insurance tech and plans to expand its use for assisting in property damage assessments. The goal is to improve adjuster efficiency and safety while providing residential customers with an enhanced claims experience.

The Farmers Insurance drone program may reduce the amount of time required for assessing damage.

Farmers insurance droneAs a result, the drones may also shorten the amount of time required to process an insurance claim, so that consumers can move through the various necessary stages at a much faster rate.

“Farmers investments in technology and innovation are driven by our commitment to deliver a better experience for our customers at every point of engagement,” said Farmers Insurance chief claims officer Keith Daly in a press release. “We believe our new drone program will help improve response time and safety for our claim representatives during their evaluations, and ensure Farmers maintains a leadership position in the insurance industry.”

The new Farmers Insurance drone strategy is not unique in the industry. A growing number of large insurance companies are choosing to employ this technology for very similar reason. In fact, it is becoming one of the most commonly newly adopted technologies among insurers in the United States.

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