Ensquared predicts sharp increase in Apple mobile device insurance

insurance for phonesThe leading device insurance authority, Ensquared, has predicted another spike in the number of policies purchased in the near future for iPad and iPhone mobile devices.

The reason that they expect so many people to purchase these policies throughout the holiday season is that the devices themselves are considered to be the hot gift during that period of time. Shortly after the recipient obtains the device, many of them will then look into buying coverage for it, just in case it should ever by damaged, lost, or stolen.

As the iCloud is now allowing Apple device users to store their personal data – such as music, movies, photos, contact information, and apps – offsite, in a remote location, when a replacement device is provided after loss, theft, or damage, it can be up and running very quickly and easily.

The insurance that Ensquared provides for iPhones and iPads is designed to provide the owners of these devices with protection, and they can qualify by purchasing this coverage within ninety days of receiving their new device as a gift. The policy itself is a comprehensive one, covering the devices for all types of damage – including breakage and water damage – as well as loss or theft. The premiums and deductibles for this coverage are notably lower than Verizon and AT&T.

The coverage provided by Ensquared goes above and beyond that offered by the AppleCare program at Apple, because the latter does not protect device owners against loss and theft.

The Ensquared policies are available for an annual fee of $129.99 ($5.33 per month), and, according to the CEO of the insurer, Gordon Polovin, “We allow users to sign up online in less than 4 minutes,” as well as offering a phone-based application service where no paperwork is necessary.


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