Employees look to cancer insurance to fill the gap left by employers’ high deductible health coverage

Employers in California, as well as across the country, are attempting to cut the costs…

associated with the skyrocketing medical insurance premiums by choosing higher deductible health coverage that shifts some of the expense to the employees.

In response, many of those employees are looking to supplemental health plans like cancer insurance as a way to fill in the gaps that are being left behind by that employer sponsored insurance.

Though these efforts were not very common as recently as two years ago, they are increasingly becoming the norm. That way, both the employer and the employees can choose a higher deductible plan that will keep the premiums low, but any of the additional costs will be covered by the supplemental cancer insurance coverage.

Advocates of this strategy are saying that by using plans with high deductibles, it may help to stop the rapidly increasing cost of medical care by providing people with motivation to either live a healthier lifestyle, which will prevent many of the medical problems in the first place, or to take the time to shop around for more affordable healthcare providers.

Furthermore, according to those supporters, people will be less likely to overuse medical services when they are forced to pay the full price at the time of service but then receive a check for the covered benefit from the supplemental health plan.Cancer Insurance

On the other hand, though, critics are saying that it isn’t right to place all of the responsibility on the shoulders of the insured, for determining when they need medical care and what type they should pursue, as they may not be fully equipped to make this type of judgment without the help of a medical professional.

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