Electronic proof of auto insurance coverage now accepted in Delaware

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Delaware drivers can now use their mobile devices to prove they have insurance coverage

electronic proof of auto insuranceElectronic proof of insurance coverage is now viable for all drivers in Delaware. The state’s Insurance Commissioner, Karen Stewart, has issued a statement concerning the issue in order to raise awareness of the passage of new legislation that makes electronic proof of coverage acceptable. According to the state’s House Bill w/HA 1, law enforcement throughout Delaware will accept electronic proof of auto insurance coverage from various types of mobile devices.

Complaints regarding undue penalties to those that have insurance coverage spur legislative action

Electronic proof of coverage is expected to make it easier for drivers to prove that they have insurance protection. In some cases, physical insurance documentation can be lost or simply misplaced, leaving drivers exposed to penalties designed to punish those without insurance coverage. State officials suggest that those wrongfully penalized have issued complaints and that the matter had required legislative action in order to be rectified.

Drivers are still encouraged to carry physical proof of insurance coverage

Delaware is now the 37th state to accept electronic proof of auto insurance coverage. While drivers can use their mobile devices to prove that they are insured, Commissioner Stewart is suggesting that drivers still carry physical proof of coverage as well. In the event that a mobile device is not available, or simply broken, physical proof of coverage could protect drivers from undue penalties. Many insurance companies offer applications that can prove that someone is covered or not.

Insurers are beginning to cater more to mobile consumers

As consumers become more reliant on their mobile devices, insurers are beginning to adapt to this change. Insurers are beginning to release mobile applications that make connecting with consumers easier. These applications are designed to make it easier for consumers to file claims and get in touch with insurance agents. Some of these apps also allow policyholders to pay their premiums every month directly from a mobile device, adding more convenience to the financial aspects of insurance coverage. Most of these applications are free and available on multiple mobile operating systems.

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