Drivers without Kentucky auto insurance cautioned

Kentucky Auto Insurance

Kentucky Auto Insurance

The state is imposing a new law that will revoke vehicle registrations of uninsured motorists.

Starting in June 2012, the Kentucky auto insurance laws will be notably more tightened regarding drivers who have failed to cover themselves.

It is at that time that the state will begin issuing notices to uninsured drivers, warning them that their vehicle registrations will be revoked if they fail to obtain the coverage that is legally required by the state.

The struggle that has been faced is with motorists who purchase a policy for the proof and drop the coverage immediately afterward. They simply carry the Kentucky auto insurance they need in order to obtain the registration, and then stop their policies once they have received their vehicle documentation.

The state’s lawmakers have determined that this was a legal loophole and are striving to correct it.

The drivers who receive the notices will be those who have gone without coverage for over 60 days. Upon receipt of the notices, they will have 30 days in which to either show their proof of existing coverage to the county clerks, or to obtain it and then show it.

According to Dot Owens, a Warren County Clerk, she has been advised that almost 800 notices will likely be issued in June within her area. The Transportation Cabinet for the state, which is responsible for putting the program into action, has released an estimate that showed that there will be up to 35,000 notices sent out across the state every month.

Owens expressed that “I’m hoping that at least half of them really do have insurance and that it was just a matter of … they switched carriers and the change hasn’t yet been noted.” She added that “I’m expecting that my phone is going to be really busy.”

A spokesperson for the Transportation Cabinet, Chuck Wolfe stated that the system for notifications has already been tested within eight different counties and significant efforts have been made to ensure that there are as few bugs as possible. That said, he still anticipates that there will be some motorists who will erroneously receive the Kentucky auto insurance notifications simply as a result of typographical errors on their VIN, or that the coverage for the vehicle has been made with a commercial policy.


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