Drivers without insurance no longer safe from fines in Kentucky

Uninsured Motorist TicketJefferson County, Kentucky, judges have eliminated a program that had formerly provided uninsured drivers with a level of protection from sizeable fines, as court officials have said that it is virtually impossible to keep track of the increasing number of people who used it. 

Chief District Judge Sean Delahanty stated that there simply aren’t enough people, technology, or resources in the court system to continue to manage the program. 

He acknowledged that the individuals who were most likely to use the program were those who were already facing regular financial struggle, and that they do not have a great deal of money to spare.  He added that “the [financial penalty] is going to make it more difficult for them to buy insurance, so the penalty will make it more difficult for them to comply with the law.”

 There are approximately 7,000 people currently participating in the program, and while they will continue to be able to benefit from it, there will be no new participants admitted for the same protections unless the Kentucky Administrative Office of the Courts officials and the judges are capable of determining a way to operate it more efficiently. 

Within this program, if participants pled guilty and then obtained insurance, providing proof of the coverage for the next two years, then they would be able to avoid the fine for driving uninsured.  The continuation of this insurance would then be verified on a monthly basis by court workers who would contact the insurance companies of the participants.  After two years, should the insurance coverage not be cancelled, the charge against the individual would be dismissed and removed from their record.

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