Important Document Skilled Workers Need to Work in the UK

Apart from fascinating scenes and culture, the UK is home to many top-notch companies that have improved the region’s employment rate. As of 2020, the UK employment rate was 75.3%, a little below Germany, Sweden, and New Zealand. And by the first quarter of 2022, the UK employment has increased drastically to 75.6%. Weird, Isn’t it?

So, if you are a skilled worker, many opportunities abound in the UK. But before you start your job hunting, there are some essential documents you must possess before any employer can consider you in the UK. What are these documents? You will find out in an instant. Besides, if you are yet a skilled worker, you will also discover how to become one in this post. Just relax, and let’s go!

Top 6 Documents Skilled Workers Need to Work in the UK

These are the top documents every skilled worker needs to work in the UK:

1. A Passport or National ID

A skilled worker must possess a passport or ID card indicating that he or she is a citizen of the UK or colonies that have the right to reside in the UK. Skilled workers who aren’t citizens of the UK need to get a current passport with an endorsement showing that they are allowed to reside and do skilled jobs in the UK.

Skilled Workers

2. A Skilled Worker Visa

Only non-UK citizens need this particular document. A skilled visa UK allows non-UK citizens to work in the UK. A skilled worker must meet all these conditions to qualify for a skilled worker visa:

  • Possess a certificate of sponsorship from his or her employer, and the certificate must show information about the worker’s role.
  • Work for a UK employer approved by Home Office
  • Do a job listed among eligible occupations
  • Receive up to the minimum salary for the kind of job the worker does

3. A Permanent Residence Card

A skilled worker with a permanent right to work in the UK must obtain a permanent residence card from Home Office. The card may be issued directly to the worker or the worker’s family member. Workers with temporary right to work in the UK must possess a current Residence Card obtained from Home Office.

4. UK Citizenship Certificate

All skilled workers from the UK need a document to prove that they are UK citizens. The documents they can use to prove their citizenship status include birth certificates, adoption certificates, registration certificates, and naturalization certificates.

5. Current Immigration Status Document

Skilled workers who are non-UK citizens need a current immigration status document instead of a UK citizenship certificate. The immigration status document must contain the holder’s name and photograph. Besides, the home office must have endorsed the document.

Another vital detail on the current immigration status document is the Worker’s Permanent National Insurance Number. Obtaining this document may require some stress. We’ll advise you to speak to an immigration lawyer to make the process easier.

6. Academic Certificate or Degree

All employers will demand proof of the knowledge you claim to possess as a skilled worker. An academic certificate is a reliable proof you can always present to employers while seeking a job. You can obtain an academic certificate by studying in a college or completing professional training organized by non-academic organizations.

How do you become a Skilled Worker?

Many companies in the UK needed the services of skilled workers than unskilled workers. And in terms of wages, skilled workers have the edge over other workers. Hence, if you plan to work in the UK, you should become a skilled worker. It takes some time and effort to become a skilled worker, but it’s worth both the time and effort. The speciality and industry you choose determine the qualification you need to become a skilled worker. Here is how you can become a skilled worker:

Get a High School Diploma

You need to go to high school and study a course that enlightens you on both basic and advanced knowledge of the industry where you plan to work. You will have to study for 5 to 7 years in high school. By the time you graduate, you will have enough knowledge to start working, but we recommend seeking more knowledge before you start working.

Complete Apprenticeship

An apprenticeship will help you in many ways. You will gain hands-on experience as an apprentice. You will even earn some money while you learn. You will get an additional certificate, increasing your chance of getting a job in the UK.

Final Thoughts

The documents listed in this post are the most critical documents all skilled workers need to work in the UK. However, requirements may vary from employer to employer. Therefore, always visit the webpage of the company you intend to work for – there, you will get first-hand information about everything, including the documents you need to work for the company.

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