Direct care allows consumers to bypass their health insurance

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More consumers are taking advantage of direct care medical services

A growing number of consumers are beginning to bypass their health insurance coverage in order to take advantage of direct care from medical professionals. For many, the high deductibles associated with their insurance coverage is simply too high, which is encouraging them to receive care directly from medical care providers rather than make use of their insurance policies. Some consumers are finding it less expensive to take advantage of direct care rather than use their costly insurance coverage.

High deductible plans are growing in popularity

High deductible plans have become quite attractive to consumers because they also feature relatively low premiums. The problem, however, is that consumers end up paying more if they begin using their coverage because of the high deductibles. As such, consumers using these costly policies are seeing higher out-of-pocket costs, which may be more expensive than seeking out direct care from medical professionals.

Consumers are finding it more affordable to make use of direct care rather than their insurance coverage

Health Insurance AgentSome people may find that direct care providers offer more financial flexibility. Various providers require upfront payments for their services, but others offer consumers a chance to pay a monthly fee for access to unlimited services. There are direct care providers that are also willing to make housecalls in order to provide medical care. As such, these providers allow consumers to completely bypass their health insurance policies, but consumers could potentially spend much more money on direct care, especially if the procedures they require are costly in nature.

Direct care can help some consumers better manage their health care costs

High deductible policies have proven quite attractive to those that want to save money on their health insurance coverage. Such policies are typically popular among millennials, who are generally healthy and do not use their coverage often. These policies have lower premiums, and seeking out direct care in certain cases can ensure that consumers keep their health care costs down. According to the Physician’s Foundation, approximately 10% of doctors in the United States are expected to adopt some form of direct care and payment services within the next three years.

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