Dental insurance brings most US adults peace of mind

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A Delta Dental study found that the coverage eased concerns of 89 percent of US adults.

Dental insurance not only provides coverage for oral health care, but most people also find that it provides them with comfort in knowing that they have the added protection, according to a recently released 2022 State of America’s Oral Health and Wellness Report.

The report is a nationwide analysis of US consumer oral health opinions and behaviors.

The research was commissioned by the Delta Dental insurance company. It focused on US adults and parents of children aged 12 years old and younger. The report is intended to provide information regarding consumer opinions and behaviors when it comes to oral health. That said, it also offers insight into the financial advantages associated with having this coverage.

Among this year’s research highlights included that consumers view the advantages of this coverage as extending beyond oral care. Among the respondents, 89 percent said that they felt that their coverage provided them with peace of mind and with relief from worry about how they would pay for an oral care emergency. Among the insured respondents, 94 percent felt that they were saving money with their coverage and 91 percent felt it was well worth the cost.

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The survey also identified trends regarding how consumers felt about dental insurance during the pandemic.

The research found that during the pandemic’s uncertainty 81 percent of adults and 88 percent of parents agreed that having the coverage throughout that time offered them peace of mind. In fact, of those who were covered 68 percent of adults and 72 percent of parents said that they had an even greater appreciation for their coverage throughout that time than they had before.

The study responses also found that, partly as a result of the pandemic, 69 percent of parents with a child who were not covered by dental insurance intended to purchase it in 2022.

“Our survey illuminates the vast emotional and financial benefits most adults and parents across the United States associate with having dental insurance,” said Delta Dental Plans Association President and CEO James W. Hutchinson. “Delta Dental continues to partner with oral health professionals and the public in our development of enhanced dental plans focused on person-centered care. The innovative plans are based on a person’s health needs and provide the extra care to enrich overall health and quality of life.”

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