Credit Benchmark Launches Credit Consensus Indicator – New Monthly Measure of Credit Risk for US, UK and EU Industrials

New York, NY, June 24, 2019 –(– June CCI Shows "Cracks in Foundation" for US and European Industrial Corporate Credit Quality. Credit Benchmark, the leader in consensus based credit analytics, today announced the launch of a new monthly measure of credit risk for US and European corporates in the industrials sector. The Credit Benchmark Credit Consensus Indicator (CCI) is an index of forward-looking credit opinions for US, UK and EU Industrials based on the consensus views of over 30,000 credit analysts at 40 of the world’s leading financial institutions. Drawn…

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Trump to issue health care price transparency executive order today

Health Care Price Transparency - Donald Trump

The president is expected to require insurers and doctors to disclose care costs. Later today, President Donald Trump plans to issue an executive order for health care price transparency. The purpose is to require doctors and insurance companies to disclose their health care prices. Industry groups have been vocally opposed to the president’s intention to sign the executive order. The Wall Street Journal reported that Trump intends to issue the order for health care price transparency regardless of industry resistance. The order will specifically direct federal agencies to launch guidance…

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California Entertainment Insurance Brokers Discuss Concert Insurance

Los Angeles, CA, June 24, 2019 –(– The California entertainment insurance brokers at MFE Insurance recently released a blog educating readers on the benefits of concert insurance. This type of insurance helps ensure that you will not lose money in the event of a concert delay, cancellation, or related lawsuit. Concert liability insurance provides short term coverage for single events or entire tours and is typically offered in the form of general liability insurance. This covers lawsuits related to property damage and bodily harm, such as slips and falls or…

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