MetLife to shake up life insurance industry with Ethereum blockchain adoption

Life insurance industry - Ethereum Blockchain

The insurer is using the live tech to enhance efficiency and transparency throughout the claims process. MetLife is adopting the use of Ethereum blockchain in a move that will disrupt the $2.7 trillion life insurance industry. Among the goals is to help beneficiaries to know they are entitled to a payout when their family member or friend has died. At the moment, the industry is essentially opaque to both policyholders and beneficiaries. This situation is advantageous to neither the life insurance industry nor its customers. MetLife is hoping to change…

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Medicare Supplement Insurance Industry Data Posted by Association

Los Angeles, CA, June 20, 2019 –(– The latest statistics and data for Medicare Supplement insurance industry sales and insurance company providers was posted today by the American Association for Medicare Supplement Insurance. "Over 14 million Americans now have a Medicare Supplement insurance policy and the number keeps growing each year," reports Jesse Slome, director of the Association. The Association posted a 10-year history of Medigap policy sales growth as part of the report. The organization also shared the latest data regarding the various Medigap plans selected by purchasers in…

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