Covered California launches massive health insurance data collection campaign

California health insurance

Covered California will be collecting data to better understand the insurance market

California’s health insurance exchange, called Covered California, is set to launch a large-scale data-mining project that will aim to shed light on the way people are using their insurance coverage. The organization will collect information from the insurance companies providing policies through the exchange and it will also collect data concerning how these policies are used. Covered California will also record doctor visits, hospital stays, and prescription information.

Some are concerned about the security of their information

With 1.4 million enrollees, Covered California has access to a wealth of data that is, as yet, untapped. The data could help the organization provide better services to consumers and insurers alike, but it has raised some concerned regarding patient privacy. As the organization would be collecting a wide range of data from policyholders, some have expressed worry that their information may be put at risk. The exchange will, of course, work to keep consumer information safe from exploitation, and this data will only be used to better understand how people are using their coverage.

Covered California is interested to see if those with chronic illnesses are taking care of themselves

California health insuranceOne of the patterns that Covered California is looking to better understand is how many people with chronic conditions, such as diabetes, are managing their health correctly. A chronic illness can be difficult to manage, and this can become a very costly problem for those that need medical attention and the cost of these illnesses is often used as a justification for higher health insurance premiums.

Exchange will collect information from health insurance companies

Covered California will be collecting this data from insurance companies, which have been notoriously reluctant to share this information in the past. The data that the organization collects will likely shed some light on the way insurance policies are being used and what insurers are doing to provide adequate service to their customers. This data may also have an impact on health insurance premiums, as the information used to price coverage will also be collected by Covered California, and what this information reveals could cause insurance premiums to decrease somewhat.

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