Celebrity insurance video spoof with Kylie Minogue

Kylie Minogue

The singer bares her bottom in a fake advertisement from UK artist Katerina Jebb.

Kylie Minogue made celebrity insurance news when she exposed her rear end in the spoof video ad by U.K. artist Katerina Jebb, which is now going viral across the web.

The singer took part in the fake ad for body coverage.

Minogue took part in the joke body coverage policy ad that has her stepping up a long flight of stairs in slow motion while wearing a sleek, white, long evening gown which is so low in the back that it eKylie Minoguexposes the majority of her behind. At the same time, there is a voice over which asks the viewer “Are your assets fully covered? Protect and cover the things that are most dear to you.”

The celebrity insurance commercial is for an artificial insurer and the policy isn’t real.

The voice over goes on to say “Don’t wait until tomorrow. Beautiful Body Of London.” After this, the fake insurer’s logo is presented on the screen.

Though this celebrity insurance video – which is filmed entirely in black and white and runs for forty seconds – is not for an actual product, it is still drawing attention to a type of coverage (so to speak) that does, indeed exist. This form of policy is common among singers, actors, dancers, and other people whose livelihoods depend on parts of their bodies.

Kylie Minogue has been known for her fit behind since the pop star released her “Spinning Around” music video, twelve years ago. In it, she wore a tiny pair of gold colored hot pants, which provided very little more cover over her rear than the dress in the celebrity insurance video.

She was an ideal candidate for this spoof add, as the singer has actually taken out celebrity insurance on that particular asset for a coverage of $5 million. At the same time, though, the pop star has stated that the true secret behind her famously toned butt has been very effective body makeup. She has explained this in a number of interviews since the music video in 2000, saying that “When I knew that I was going to be in tiny hot pants again I was like, ‘Cover my legs and bum with body makeup.’”

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