California insurance agents and brokers brush off Prop 33 scare tactic

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These industry pros are unconcerned about Consumer Watchdog’s opposition efforts.

Independent California insurance agents – industry professionals who help their customers to obtain the best possible coverage prices – have spoken out against the press release from Consumer Watchdog regarding campaign web addresses, brushing it off altogether.

Prop 33 supporters are saying that the domain regulations had not been defined when they were purchased.

According to Proposition 33 proponent, Mike D’Arelli, of the American Agents Alliance, “The consultants purchased domain names when the designations of the 2012 state ballot measures were unclear and subject to litigation in California courts.” He went on to say that “The Yes on Proposition 33 campaign will turn over the URL’s we reserved that are not applicable to Yes on Proposition 33.”

D’Arelli was also careful to point out that California insurance agents did not intend to “silence anyone”.

He also added that the one place where they could agree with Consumer Watchdog is that it isn’t possible to stop its “shrill bark”. To D’Arelli and the American Agents Alliance, the Consumer Watchdog group has taken a non-issue and have made a big deal out of it.

The Political Cyberfraid Abatement law in the state prohibits the temporary use of domain names related to ballot measures in order to redirect web users to a website with the opposite message. For example, could not be used to send people to a site supporting the Proposition.

The measure in question, Proposition 33, is designed to help alter the California insurance industry in a way that can help consumers to receive a better deal on their coverage. The current law allows consumers to obtain a discount for maintaining their legally required coverage. However, at the moment it functions more as a loyalty discount, because it is lost if the coverage is ever switched to another company.

Prop 33 would mean that consumers could maintain their discount as long as they continue their coverage, regardless of the provider. It currently has the support of many different groups in the state, both within the California insurance industry, and outside it. This includes the state’s Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, the American GI Forum, the Veterans of Foreign Wars of California, the CDF Firefighters, as well as leaders in both the Democratic and Republican parties.

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