California awaits the health care reform decision of the Supreme Court

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California Health Insurance

The future shape of the medical system is riding on this one significant ruling.

When President Obama implemented the health care reform in 2010, California dived into the changes, hurrying to prepare itself for the various required deadlines, such as that of the state insurance exchange which is in January 2014.

It took only months before new laws were created to implement or support the federal decisions.

This included various changes to the healthcare system that had been in place in the state, so that the coverage marketplaces would be ready to open on time, and so that young adults could continue their coverage on their parents’ plans until the age of 26, regardless of where they lived or whether or not they were full time students. Debates were significant and lawmakers passed a tremendous number of bills in order to support the system’s overhaul.

Now, California awaits the Supreme Court’s decision regarding the federal health care reform to find out how much of its efforts can be continued as planned, and what will require a Plan B of some sort.

It is expected that the decision from the top court in the country will have been made before the end of June. The ruling will decide on the constitutionality of the federal overhaul known as the Affordable Care Act. There are several possible outcomes to the decision of the judges. The law may be upheld completely, it could be entirely overturned, or one or certain provisions could be stricken down; namely, that which requires the majority of individuals to purchase medical insurance coverage if they don’t already have it.

No matter which decision is made, it will carry a different consequence for the state, which is already well into the implementation of the federal law as it began its changes virtually immediately after the overhaul was made.

Should the health care reform law be overturned by any degree, California will need to take a fresh look at all of its changes and will need to rethink the way in which it will move forward. While it may decide to continue many its efforts, regardless of the decision, it is believed that many will need to be reassessed as they were reliant upon the Affordable Care Act’s implementation as a whole.


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