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Commissioner Jones identifies the 100 days that are deadliest for adolescent motorists

Teen driver safety has been brought to center stage in the California auto insurance industry, as Commissioner Dave Jones has identified the 100 days throughout the year that are most deadly for young motorists.

He worked with traffic safety experts and found that the span from Memorial Day to Labor Day is deadliest for teen drivers.

Following the discovery of this information, Jones joined parents, experts in California auto insurance requirements and teen driver safety, as well as the students from McClatchy High School (located in Sacramento) to help to spread the word and reduce the number of accidents that are occurring on the state’s roads throughout the summer.

According to the Commissioner, “While the summer months represent a break for most teens from school, they also represent one of the deadliest time periods for teens drivers, who have the highest percentage of auto crashes of any drivers.” He went on to explain that this is why it is vital for everyone from parents to teachers, and others, to regularly discuss techniques for teen driver safety and how to avoid a crash.

A conference was held by Jones at the school, which was only one element of a full series of efforts made to help promote safety among teen drivers and boost awareness regarding the issues surrounding that topic. The Commissioner also took that moment to bring up the topic of California auto insurance requirements where all motorists much take responsibility for the ownership of a vehicle within the state.

Though California auto insurance may not stop a crash from occurring, it can help to prevent the financial destruction that can occur following an accident when a driver is at fault, and when someone else was injured or property was damaged as a result of that accident. All car owners must have coverage, whether they are teen drivers or the parents of those adolescents.

Going over coverage as a part of the effort to promote teen driver safety is an important part of the lesson, as it helps to draw attention to how damaging even a single crash can be to a person’s health, property, and financial situation, as well as those of other people.


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