California’s MedLion clinics take insurance into their own hands

California Medlion ClinicThe costs of healthcare in the U.S. have been growing at an accelerating rate. Soaring prices for both medical care and insurance coverage are weighing heavily of the nation’s middle class citizens as they struggle to somehow recover from a passing economic recession. While this is not a new trend in the U.S. – indeed, the cost of healthcare has been gaining momentum for some time now, — there is a term being attributed to it: Hyperinflation. Several major insurance companies have been reporting record profits, with many making enough to drive powerful expansion.

However, inflation is keeping these companies from hiring or seeking new ventures. MedLion, a primary care provider in the heart of California’s Silicon Valley, seeks to curb the tide of hyperinflation.

Doctor Samir Qamar, founder of MedLion, has taken issue with the fact that inflation is leaving more people without insurance. He is unwilling to wait for insurance companies to figure out an appropriate solution to the problem of uninsurance and is confronting the issue with the help of several like-minded medical professionals. Dr. Qamar’s concerns revolve largely around the issue of primary care. According to him, most primary care practices he has observed in California are more concerned with insurance than patient welfare.

MedLion’s clinics cater to those without insurance or with inadequate insurance coverage. By offering a lower price point for medical care, these clinics are able to provide quality care at an affordable price suited for nearly every family.

Dr. Qamar has been careful, of course, to follow the state’s strict regulation regarding insurance. “We hired experienced attorneys to ensure we are fully complying with current regulations,” he says.

MedLion is not the first healthcare organization to operate without ties to the insurance industry. Similar organizations in West Virginia and Washington have offered such services for years now.

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