How to buy cheaper auto insurance for men

car insurance for men

cheap car insurance for men

Male drivers pay an average of $15,000 more in a lifetime than women do

Considering the higher cost of auto insurance for men when compared to women, many male drivers with good records are continually seeking to find ways to save on their coverage.

The differences aren’t just based on gender, but age, location, and other factors, as well.

Throughout the course of their driving lifetimes, men will pay an estimated $15,000 more for their coverage than their female counterparts, but many variables are still considered when calculating premiums.

For example, the auto insurance for men aged 18 in Nevada for a typical sedan would cost an average of $6,268. If a man with that description had a twin sister driving the same type of car and living at the same location, she would still pay 51 percent less for her coverage than he would, even if they are insured by the same company. Her premiums would be $4,152. This data is according to an analysis performed by CoverHound.

That said, by the age of 21, the premiums paid by both of those drivers would plummet significantly, but would still see a notable difference. His would be $2,696 per year while hers would be $1,824. The gap here narrowed by only 1 percent.

As they age, the gap in the premiums paid by the genders may widen once more, beyond the age of 55.

This is because, statistically, men are more aggressive drivers and have greater odds of being involved in an accident. They will typically mellow those driving habits when they start to live independent lives and have children, but this aggression appears to return at the same time as mid-life.

This phenomenon – and the related premiums that are charged as a result of it – is neither limited to that state nor the country. Many states and nations also recognize the discrepancy in statistics between men and women drivers and calculate their rates accordingly.

However, some men are now seeking to prove that they are not as high a risk as some of the other male drivers on the road. It is possible, by using the following methods to find cheap car insurance for men:

• Maintain a solid driving record
• Sign up for usage based insurance from one of the many companies now offering it
• Maintain a good credit score
• Park the car in less hazardous locations
• Ask about various types of discounts and make an effort to qualify for them
• Shop around for different policies for auto insurance for men.


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