Looking to Buy a Select Home Warranty – What Should You Look For?

A home is more than a building; people require several amenities to make a house inhabitable. Everything from air conditioners to refrigerators is an essential appliance in a home, which improves the quality of life. 

But like all machines and electronic devices, these appliances are subject to malfunctioning or breaking down. Some of these appliances are integral to the home like the intercom, garbage disposal, etc. 

All electronic home appliances come with a warranty period, but most warranties expire after ten years. People moving into fully-furnished buildings that are older than 10 years will find themselves in a fix if one of the appliances breaks down. 

Without a warranty, fixing large appliances could cost a lot. One way to deal with this is to check with the store or insurance agency to select a home warranty beforehand.

What is a Home Warranty?

A home warranty, not to be confused with a homeowner’s warranty, covers the maintenance cost of old appliances in old buildings. A home warranty is usually taken by those who rent or lease living spaces. They cover all systems or appliances within a home, in working condition. 

This coverage extends for a few years, after which it has to be renewed. Most home warranties do not cover natural disasters or calamities and only cover appliance malfunction or breakdown due to wear and tear.

What Does a Home Warranty Cover

A home warranty covers all major appliances and systems within a home. They include large appliances like Air Conditioners. Heaters, Refrigerators, Intercoms, etc., and systems like electrical, plumbing, and air conditioning vent systems. People who select a home warranty can contact their provider if any of these devices or systems run into trouble. 

Home warranty providers have associations with several contractors who provide home services. When people report a problem in their home, the warranty provider sends the relevant contractor to assess the situation. After assessing the damage, the contractor prepares a report and sends it to the warranty provider. They check if the damage is within the warranty’s tenets and repair or replace as necessary.

Looking to Buy a Select Home Warranty - What Should You Look For?

Features of a Home Warranty 

A home warranty document enlists all the appliances and systems the current warranty package covers, and people should read them carefully to ensure it covers all their needs. Some of the features to look out for when you are out to select a home warranty are as follows- 

1. Fix or Replace Guarantee

A “fix or replace” clause ensures that the residents get a replacement in case their problem is unresolvable. Usually, home warranties come with this clause, but it is better to ensure that beforehand. Additionally, it is necessary to check that the warranty covers the respective brands or models within the house, or all brands and models.

2. 24/7 Warranty Claims

People can rarely control when a problem occurs, like blown fuses, leaking or broken pipes, and malfunctioning or broken appliances. These problems are usually time-sensitive and might require a technician to take a look at them immediately. A 24/7 hotline ensures that people can get in touch with the warranty providers as soon as the problem occurs for immediate resolution.

3. Complete Coverage

A coverage policy’s terms and conditions differ across providers. For example, some warranties cover automated doors in their basic package, but other warranties may only include them in more advanced packages. Residents must ensure that they select a home warranty package that includes all the relevant systems and appliances within the house for complete coverage.

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