Boat insurance lawsuit filed regarding sunken ship

boat insurance ship

The owner of the vessel that sunk is now filing a number of suits in relation to the incident.

The owner of the tall ship Larinda and of a commercial vessel that sunk, has now launched a wave of different legal actions with the Nova Scotia Supreme Court, in Canada, regarding its boat insurance coverage and other issues.

The documents that were filed by the plaintiffs name issues of misrepresentation and of negligence.

According to the filings, LeGrow’s Marine Ltd., Larinda Ltd., and the president and director of those two companies, Arthur Scott, are alleging misrepresentation and negligence by the boat insurance company, Ace Ina, as well as Central Maritime Underwriters Inc., its underwriter, Huestis Commercial Insurance, a broker, as well as McLarens Canada, a claims adjuster.

boat insurance shipThe plaintiffs believe that there were boat insurance proceeds that were withheld by the defendants.

According to the plaintiffs, the defendants in the case deliberately withheld the boat insurance payments for the Albert E. Corkum, a vessel that broke free from its moorings on October 25, 2009, and then ran aground, sinking in Halifax Harbour.

The filings state that the boat insurance that was taken out on that vessel provided coverage for $300,000. The court documents state that when the claim was made on the sunken vessel, the insurer denied liability because it stated that the value of the sunken ship had been misrepresented. It said that it had not received the necessary ship evaluation documentation within the required 30 days of September 23, 2009, which was the time at which it said that its coverage started.

The plaintiffs went on to say that the boat insurance coverage denial had no basis, as they said that it began on September 29, 2009, which was under thirty days before the sinking of the vessel.

In addition to the boat insurance lawsuits, Scott and Larinda are also suing Hodgson Trucking Ltd., from Dartmouth (across the harbor from Halifax), for alleged damages that were sustained by a storage container that the defendant had been contracted to carry in June 2011 from Larinda’s headquarters in Boutiliers Point from Dartmouth.