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A recent vote was in favor of replacing the interim president who is an ally of the state Governor.

The interim president of Citizens Insurance, Tom Grady, who is a political ally and neighbor of Florida Governor Rick Scott will not continue in his position due to a vote from the company’s board members that seeks to replace him.

Two names have been forwarded by the presidential search committee by the board for consideration.

Though Grady has played the role of interim president since March 2012, his name was not one of the two to be considered. Instead, the names of the candidates most highly recommended for the position are now Glenn Pomeroy, who is the California Earthquake Authority CEO, and Barry Gilway, the Mattei Insurance Services CEO.

Carlos Lacasa, the chairman of the board, had requested that the search committee provide the full board with those names, as they will be interviewing those two candidates so that a president can be selected.

Board member, John Wortman, was appointed to his position by Governor Scott, had made a motion to include Grady among the finalists who would be interviewed for the president’s position. However, an objection was made by Lacasa, who stated that at most, he would be willing to permit the search firm to identify all five of the position’s candidates in order to show where Grady’s name had placed overall.

However, Wortman called this tactic “unfair” and stated that this type of action was one of the reasons that it was so challenging to encourage good public servants to apply for employment in the state.

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One of the search committee representatives has explained that Pomeroy and Gilway were well ahead of the other candidates that were listed for the position. The search committee had actually voted against including Grady among the final candidates. The interviews for the new president with the full board were scheduled for Wednesday, June 13.

The individual who is selected will be taking the lead of Citizens Insurance at a rocky time both for the company and the weather, as there are many touchy issues under consideration at the moment, and it is currently the middle of the hurricane season.

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