Bill targeting Colorado health insurance exchange has been defeated

Colorado Health Insurance

Legislation sought to repeal the state’s insurance exchange by January 2016

A bill that would have repealed the Colorado health insurance exchange, called Connect For Health Colorado, has been defeated by the state’s House Health, Insurance, and Environment Committee. The legislation — House Bill 1066 — was meant to dismantle the exchange, putting an end to the market place on January 1, 2016. The legislation would have also tasked any unused funds from the exchange to be funneled into the state’s general fund.

Supporters of the bill claim that the state has no need for an insurance exchange any longer

Representative Janak Joshi, one of the lead sponsors of the bill, claims that something must be done in order to provide Colorado citizens with health insurance coverage. Joshi suggests that the only reason the state built an exchange was because the federal government provided $180 million in funding. Supporters of the legislation suggest that it is time to do away with the insurance exchange, despite its proven ability to provide consumers with affordable health insurance options.

Bill would not have closed the state’s health insurance exchange

Colorado Health InsuranceWhile supporters of the legislation want to see the exchange put to rest, the bill would not repeal the Affordable Care Act. According to federal law, all states must have a working health insurance exchange in place. If the bill had been successful, control of the exchange would have been handed over to the federal government. Currently, Colorado manages its own insurance exchange, providing it with significant control over the insurance marketplace.

Exchange has managed to recover from its technical faults from the past

During the first open enrollment period, which went from late 2013 to early 2014, the state’s insurance exchange experienced some technical problems. This made it difficult for many people to purchase insurance policies from the exchange. The latest open enrollment period has been less problematic, with many of the exchange’s technical faults having been remedied over the past several months. Opponents of the legislation have noted that the exchange has successfully managed to provide consumers with affordable insurance policies

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