Auto insurance law in Kentucky pointed out to uninsured drivers

Kentucky Auto Insurance

Kentucky Auto Insurance

Motorists without coverage will receive a warning notice that their registrations will be revoked.

The Kentucky Department of Motor Vehicle Registration has started mailing out notices to drivers have been without auto insurance, informing them that if they do not obtain coverage, their registrations will be revoked.

The state requires drivers to have a policy in order to legally drive.

The problem is that when people are hurt or killed in a car accident that is caused by a motorist who has no auto insurance or too little coverage, it becomes legally challenging to find practical compensation for these individuals. Even when the collision is covered by a driver who was not at fault, the property losses and medical costs can rapidly go beyond what the policy’s limits provide.

Though Kentucky drivers must have auto insurance, many ignore this legal requirement.

All too many motorists in the state decide not to purchase the required minimum amount of liability coverage. Therefore, the state is now taking greater measures to enforce this law for mandatory auto insurance. The notices that have been mailed out by the Kentucky Department of Motor Vehicle Registration are a major part of this effort.

Drivers who do not provide proof of auto insurance coverage within thirty days of receipt of their notices will find that their vehicle registrations have been revoked.

The Kentucky Department of Insurance’s commissioner has also issued an advisory opinion with regards to the information that insurers disclose to the state. This effort was made in order to help to pinpoint the inconsistencies that are occurring between the vehicle identification numbers (VIN) that are located on the registration documents with the state, and those that are appearing on the documentation for auto insurance policies.

It is up to the owners of the vehicles to identify these errors and irregularities and to make them known to the DMV’s Division of Motor Vehicle Licensing (MVL) or the county clerk, as well as to make sure that the records are accurate with their insurers.

It is hoped that this crackdown on motorists who have no auto insurance or who are under insured will help to resolve some serious problems within the state, including incorrect identification information and lapsed policies.

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