Auto insurance in North Carolina named one of the least expensive

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Coverage may be costly in Michigan, but other states are breathing easy.

Though drivers may be paying through the nose to maintain their auto insurance coverage, North Carolina motorists are paying a far lower percentage of their income into their protection.

No matter the vehicle, North Carolina law has lower overall premiums for coverage than most states.

In fact, at the moment, North Carolina residents are paying the second lowest portions of their household incomes toward their auto insurance in the entire country. The only state paying a lower amount of their earnings for coverage is Massachusetts. It is believed that the reason for this is that the average income in that state is notably higher.

On the other hand, there is an entirely different reason that North Carolina’s auto insurance is low.

This is because a large amount of that state is rural, meaning that there is a lower risk of having to make a claim because of an accident. Furthermore, the courts in that state tend to discourage auto insurance accident claims, which is a common cause of increase in rates.

The top ten states where residents pay the highest amount of their incomes into their auto insurance coverage are the following:

• 8 percent in Michigan
• 5 percent in Louisiana
• 4.5 percent in Kentucky
• 4.3 percent in West Virginia
• 4 percent in Mississippi
• 3.7 percent in Arkansas
• 3.6 percent in Delaware
• 3.5 percent in New York
• 3.4 percent in Nevada
• 3.3 percent in Florida

On the other hand, the states that pay the smallest amount of their salaries into auto insurance are:

• 1.993 percent in Maine
• 1.992 percent in Virginia
• 1.991 percent in California
• 1.98 percent in New Hampshire
• 1.97 percent in Iowa
• 1.95 percent in Oregon
• 1.7 percent in Alaska
• 1.6 percent in Hawaii
• 1.6 percent in North Carolina
• 1.4 percent in Massachusetts

Of course, the driver’s state is not the only contributing factor to the size of auto insurance premiums. Motorists should also compare quotes from one insurer to the next and make sure to maintain safe driving habits.

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