Auto insurance fraud strikes unsuspecting customers in Michigan

homeowners insurance fraud

Auto insurance fraudSome drivers in the state may be carrying fake policies without knowing it.

Certain drivers in Michigan are being cautioned that they may wish to look into their auto insurance policies in order to make certain that they have not fallen victim to a scam that has occurred within the state.

Regulators in Michigan are warning that fake policies have been issued through a fraudulent company.

The drivers at risk are those that have purchased auto insurance coverage through the Tennessee Christian Motorist Aid, say the regulators in the state. That company has been identified as having conducted this illegal activity, but not all motorists may be aware that they are affected by the fraud.

The Tennessee Christian Motorist Aid has been ordered to stop issuing false policies.

The Michigan Office of Financial and Insurance Regulation has released on official order that demands that Marvin Graber as well as the Tennessee Christian Motorist Aid cease and desist their previous illegal behaviors. This included conducting unlicensed auto insurance business within the state, as well as additional fraudulent activity within the industry.

Drivers who have purchased their auto insurance coverage from either that individual or from the company are being warned that they are currently uninsured. According to Commissioner Kevin Clinton, “Any driver who purchased fake auto insurance from Marvin Graber needs to purchase legitimate coverage immediately.” He also added that “Right now they’re driving without insurance.”

Any drivers who believe that they may have a fake auto insurance policy – whether through that company, Marvin Graber, or someone else, are being advised to call the Office of Financial and Insurance Regulation (877-999-6442) in order to obtain more information as to how they should proceed. This will help them to know for certain whether or not they are currently covered or if they need to seek out coverage right away because they have been carrying a fraudulent policy.

The office will also be able to provide further advice as to the rights of drivers who have been scammed, and what options are available to them. The most immediate issue, however, is to ensure that the auto insurance policy being carried is a valid one.

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