Auto insurance card can be displayed on smartphones in Texas

electronic proof of auto insurance

A new law means that drivers in the state will soon be able to show an electronic version of their proof of coverage.

A new law has just been passed in Texas which means that in a short while, they will be able to use their smartphones to display a digital version of their proof of auto insurance coverage when they need to show this information to a police officer, someone with whom they have been involved in an accident, and other purposes.

All that is required is that the driver carry this proof in an electronic form on a cell phone.

This change in the auto insurance law came about during the 83rd legislative session and means that in addition to the traditional paper card, they can also use their smartphones to display their coverage to police officers when they are pulled over. According to both lawmakers and professionals in the insurance industry, passing Senate Bill 181 is a natural step to help Texas to keep up with the latest developments.

electronic proof of auto insuranceThey feel that digital auto insurance proof is the way to keep up with the times in the state.

According to Senator Royce West (D-Dallas), “This bill just seemed like the common-sense thing to do.” He added that “It came to us through a recommendation and provided an opportunity to make use of technology to make life a little simpler for many Texas motorists.”

While traffic stops will function in the same way that they always have, this new law means that the driver has the choice between rooting through the glove compartment and trying to find the paper copy of the auto insurance card, or turning on a smartphone and displaying a digital version of the card that is available there.

According to Insurance Council of Texas spokesperson, Mark Hanna, this is an important step to bring the state into the technology age in which smartphones are becoming increasingly central. The law in Texas currently requires all drivers to carry a minimum of liability auto insurance that will provide coverage for the damages that are experienced by other people should a crash occur.

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