Auto insurance and travel policies now available at Woolworths

Woolworths insurance

The retailer has now launched a series of new forms of coverage.

Though Woolworths, in Australia, has already had pet and life policies since this time last year, it has now added travel and auto insurance to the mix in order to be able to offer its customers better value.

In the upcoming months, it will also be adding homeowners and contents protection to its offerings.

Head of insurance at Woolworths, George Hughes, explained that “As a major retailer, customers trust us to deliver simple, reliable, no fuss products and insurance is no different. Our proposition is to make insurance easy, accessible and affordable for our customers.” He went on to say that the new travel and auto insurance products are meant to help the company to become a significant player in the market, and to offer more valuable products under a brand name that customers can trust.

The new travel and auto insurance products, according to Hughes, concentrate on the following:

• Value and innovation – the auto insurance policyholders will receive great rates regardless of how much they drive their vehicles. However, the “Drive Less Pay Less” program will allow them to save further on their premiums. Moreover, the travel products are focused on making certain that rapid and simple customer service is always available for the most positive overall experience. On this plan, children may receive coverage for free.

• Flexibility – the travel and auto insurance products are both fully customizable to provide coverage based on the needs, expectations, and financial situations of the customers.

• Simplicity – the travel policies and auto insurance coverage has been designed in a way that will make it easy for customers to understand. They avoid jargon and are written in clear, everyday language. Taking out the coverage is a basic, three step process online or through an representative at a call center.

• Accessibility – coverage is available for a broad spectrum of people regardless of what their specific needs may be.

• Transparency – the information regarding the policies and the company are both easy to access and to understand. It is not difficult to determine what is and is not covered by the auto insurance and travel products.

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