Insurance Revolution reveals easy online courier insurance for your business

insurance industry commercial

Finding the right courier insurance can be taxing, both on time and finances. Insurance Revolution is looking to make finding this form of coverage easier while also offering an enjoyable customer experience that can improve the process of shopping for coverage as a whole. The company specializes in offering various types of courier insurance packages, including goods in transit coverage, public and/or employer liability coverage, and insurance for couriers and delivery drivers. Courier insurance is quite popular throughout the world, particularly in the United Kingdom, where couriers are often used…

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Typhoon Halong Churning Toward Southern Japan: AIR

BOSTON, Aug. 8, 2014 – According to catastrophe modeling firm AIR Worldwide, Typhoon Halong is currently moving to the north at a speed of 15 km/h and is expected to make landfall in western Shikoku late Saturday night local time. The storm has a central pressure of 950 mb and maximum sustained winds of approximately 139 km/h. Halong is expected to maintain this intensity through landfall and then quickly deteriorate as it moves northward over the cooler waters of the Russian Maritime Territory. Conditions farther away in Tokyo will be quite a bit milder,…

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Basic Information about Renters Insurance

Renters Insurance

The scenario is simple: you decide to rent a house or apartment, hand over a deposit, and receive the keys. You move your items in, arrange them, and pay your rent (and utilities) monthly. But what happens when your apartment becomes damaged in a flood or fire, if someone breaks in and steals your things, or if a friend or other visitor trips, falls and ends up in the hospital? Moving into a rented apartment or house is easy. The tricky part involves protecting your belongings (among other things) from…

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Insurance News Round Up For This Week

  Insurance News Round Up… Here are the stories we cover in this week’s insurance news round up! Health insurance navigators targeted by new HHS rule In order to address one of the many concerns that states have concerning some of the health insurance provisions of the law, the Department of Health and Human Services has issued a new rule concerning the use of health insurance “navigators.” Navigators are meant to help consumers find the best coverage available to them through state or federally run insurance exchanges. The new rule…

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Usage based insurance program widened by Allstate

Usage based auto insurance

At the same time, the insurer has launched a smartphone app for use in the United States. Allstate has just announced that it is broadening the availability of its usage based insurance program in the United States, growing the size of the Drivewise use across the country. As of Monday, the device for monitoring a driver’s behaviors is available in 16 states. The auto insurer said that there are sixteen states in which drivers can take part in the usage based insurance program. This would allow motorists who drive safely…

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Health insurance for smokers may be cheaper with electronic cigarettes

smoking health insurance

Some policyholder may be able to dodge increased premiums for tobacco users with these products. The healthcare reforms have allowed health insurance companies to factor smoking into premiums calculations, so that tobacco users will typically be required to pay a higher amount than those who do not. The surcharge every year for this habit can be as much as $5,000 for smokers at higher ages. However, as of yet, electronic cigarettes have not been included in this regulation, meaning that smokers who make the switch to these devices may be…

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Unemployment insurance wins extension in fiscal cliff deal

Unemployment Insurance extension

Legislators agree to extend federal unemployment insurance The new year has arrived and the federal government seems to have avoided crossing the much dreaded “fiscal cliff.” It has taken federal lawmakers several months to resolve the prospective problems presented by the fiscal cliff, many of which are associated with the enactment of the Budget Control Act of 2011, a legislation designed to address several economic issues by introducing new taxes and other measures. One of the issues of contention that kept a resolution from gaining approval before the arrival of…

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Disability insurance benefits collected from Social Security in record numbers

Disability Insurance benefits US workers

Official predictions for this month are that 8.82 million people are collecting. The Social Security Administration has just released their figures regarding the number of people who are collecting disability insurance from the program, and what they have found is that a record breaking number of people are currently collecting from the program. In fact, in December, 8.82 million people were recorded to have been receiving benefits from the program. This is a notable increase over the 8.80 million who had been collecting disability insurance benefits in November. Those who…

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Life insurance premiums will increase next year

Life Insurance News

Swiss Re has stated that as the global economy returns to growth, rates will start to rebuild. The second largest reinsurer in the world, Swiss Re Ltd., has just released its latest predictions about next year, and it has stated that the sectors for global primary coverage in non-life, as well as life insurance and health will all be on the rise as the worldwide economy starts to grow. Property and casualty premiums are predicted to face an increase of 3 percent in real terms. Moreover, after a year without…

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Health insurance exchange in Idaho will be state run

Idaho health insurance

The governor has decided that the online coverage marketplace will be established and operated by the state. Butch Otter, the Governor of Idaho, has announced that he has opted for a health insurance exchange that will be created and run by the state, under the terms of the healthcare law reforms from President Obama. At the same time, the governor did say that it will increase the government and cost cutting will be minimal. Idaho was among a number of states under Republican leadership that chose to hold off before…

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